Introducing our Amazon Brand Ambassador team

We have chosen these women to represent our brand as they share the same beliefs as ourselves, and are an inspiration to others.

Together we can inspire other women to choose the healthy way, to promote wellbeing, empowerment through discipline and self-confidence.

We are Amazons.

Neringa Ada

I am the new EUROPEAN PRO DIVA FITNESS Champion!!!!! I still can't believe it! Feels so surreal your dream come true! Thank you @wbff_official @wbffpauldillett @allisondillett Biggest thank you for my amazing coach aka Wizzard @teamprobodeez The most fabulous posing coach @audrey_kaipio The gorgeous ladies behind my stunning bikini and theme wear @sambacostumes @sambacouture And each and everyone who supported my through this prep, all your positive vibes meant so much to me! Love you all

I am honoured to become a brand ambassador for SambaCouture could not be happier!!!

Chloe Francis

WBFF 1st place Bikini Diva Pro!

I have been in the fitness industry for about a year now and I can honestly say it was the best decision I made. I started off training at 18 got hooked real quick and decided to work towards a goal. Miami pro uk championships was the goal I made and after competing and coming 4th in bikini.. I knew this was what I wanted to do! I wanted to go on further and push myself to the limits and make that top 3 position for the Miami pro world championships in April. I came 1st in bikini wearing my samba couture bikini which I honestly loved I felt so amazing in it so glad I found them.

I am a sponsored athlete for SCI-Mx nutrition and currently prepping for my next big competition, WBFF in November which I will be wearing a stunning bikini made by samba couture.

I am honoured to become a brand ambassador for samba couture could not be happier!!!

Anna Churakova

I was born and raised in Russia. Like any girl I always wanted to feel and look my best.I was 17y.o. when started doing sports.I knew then that fitness lifestyle was something everyone should live by and the only way to ensure I stay healthy and keep my energy levels high.

I came to London in 2005 to study and had to adjust my priorities to adapt to the new city, new speed of life.Once I finisheded University I was invited to work for an Airline and have found myself a little out of shape. I did not think twice to go back to the gym and get myself back on track. Our bodies are amazing mechanisms. It didn't take me long to get back to my former fit physic.I didn't want to stop there. Seeing results dave me "Faster, Higher, Stronger" attitude.

I have entered my first Fitness Contest in May 2015 and went for the best one out there The WBFF.

I was a little nervous to come up on the stage for the 1st time. But all my consciousness has gone the minute I saw my Beautiful bikini. It made me feel so special. I knew I will stand out not only physic wise but for the fabulous look my costume will give me.

I was placed 3rd in Diva Bikini Model Category. I was overwhelmed with my results, bearing in mind I've never had a personal trainer nor nutrition advisor. All I've achieved was based on my own knowledge and dedication.

I'm flexible with my nutrition. Best diet is the one turned into a lifestyle,not a temporary fix.

I stay consistent and like to experiment, constantly learning new ways to exercise.Keeping your body guessing, so it doesn't get used to same training -best way to progress.

My favourite motivational quotes are:"Where there is no progress- there's regress";"Trust your journey";"No one is You and that is your power"

Andressa Rivelles

My name is Andressa and I'm the 1st place winner of UKBFF FITNESS MODEL 2015.

My life have changed a bit since I decided that I didn't want to look skinny anymore. So many people was telling me go to some bikini competition you going to smash girl and so on. So I believed in myself and started to go to the Gym (I used to hate it) , as I would find gym boring.

I started to change my body and started to be some people inspiration , wow never thought I could of inspire people.

I was looking for some Competition Bikinis maker for my first competition and I came across Samba Couture, I only have good words for this company , they created the most amazing bikini for me and since them I have even been modelling for them. I like the kind of Bespoke company that know exactly what you are looking for and they are this kind of company. Love their Bikinis and Wings, they are to die for. I'm a lucky girl to have them as my sponsor as well :) lots of competitions ahead and surely I will be wearing Samba Couture.