What cup size are you? Bra measurement cheat sheet

Because in the land of bras, everything is more confusing than it really needs to be: Your bust size and your cup size aren’t the same. The bust size is the literal number you just read on the tape measure while contorting yourself into the “L” shape. The cup size, however, is the difference between your band size and your bust size.

Here’s a chart of standard size differences and how they equate to cup sizes:

If your bust size is less than 1 inch bigger than your band size, you’re a cup size AA.
1-inch difference = A
2-inch difference = B
3-inch difference = C
4-inch difference = D
5-inch difference = DD
6-inch difference = DDD or F
7-inch difference = DDDD or G
8-inch difference= H
9-inch difference = I
10-inch difference = J
11-inch difference = K
12-inch difference = L
13-inch difference = M
14-inch difference = N
15-inch difference = O
Here’s an example from start to finish:

Let’s say you measure around your torso and get the measurement of 33 inches. Because it’s an odd number, you should round up to 34. When you measure around your full bust, you get 36 inches. That means there’s a 2-inch difference between your full bust size and your band size. The chart above says a 2-inch difference is equivalent to a “B” cup size, so your final bra size is: 34B.

Read About The Bespoke Design Process

I often get the question – “how do you manage to create a bikini that fits perfectly even though the client may be 1000 miles away, and can never come to a fitting?”

The answer is EXPERIENCE and CLEAR COMMUNICATION. Obviously we use a measuring chart that all of our clients have to fill in, and with communication and also photos we get it spot on.

We have over 8 years experience making bikinis, and we know that 5mm can make all the difference.

Looking carefully at your client’s proportions is another key factor. You should be wearing the bikini, it should not be wearing you.


The Bespoke Process

1. Contact us

Send us a message and tell us more about what you want to order. We will outline a design brief for your and discuss suitable styles and colors. Please allow us at least 4-8 weeks to make your bikini, as we get very busy close to competition time. In exceptional circumstances we can make express orders.

2. Design brief

Once we have agreed on a design we will send you a summary for you to read through together with a deposit request. We require 50% to commence the work , and we have instalment payment plans available to spread the costs. Just ask us!

3. Deposit and order confirmation

Once your deposit has been paid, your order is confirmed. We will submit a design drawing of your bikini. 

4. Measurements

Your measurements are key to make your bikini fit like a glove. We have a detailed guide that we send together with your order confirmation.

Most of our clients are abroad, so it is essential we have precise measurements

5. Work in progress

We make sure you see some previews of how your design is coming along, and if you want via videocall. We will also ask for updated measurements close to delivery time

6. Delivery

We ship everything with DHL express fully insured, unless you prefer to use your own courier. These costs are additional and will be added to the final invoice

Precise handstitching skills are essential

We work with amazing craftspeople—embroiderers, metal welders, feather-makers…

Couture has no limits.


Read more here about how to order